Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy states how we use the data offered by our clients and how protect information at Aarsh InfoTech. We collect various data from our customers to identify them when they visit our website. Whatever information we collect, it is used according to our privacy policy and kept safe from threats. It is our commitment to supply the best support for web solutions. Along with our commitment, we also promote the concept of privacy and put our best efforts in safeguarding your data. The privacy policy at Aarsh InfoTech may change with new changes on the website. We always suggest our clients and members to check privacy statement time by time to ensure they have no issue with new changes.

Data we collect:

Personal information: We collect personal information of our clients and visitors for identification purpose. All the details you provide us, we will have full right on that information.
Also, we ensure you about the safety of information according to our privacy policy. You will have to provide following details:

• Name and profession details.
• Contact details with the email address and phone number.
• Demographic data including postcode and address.
• Other client details according to requirements.

The website shares information to the third party only according to the privacy policy.

Choice or Opt Out:

At Aarsh InfoTech, we are allowing you either share or not share your personal information. It is not important for you to give us any detail for visiting or using our website. You can avoid
sharing your personal data with us, but still you are free to use services of our site. We send updates through email to our customers. You can anytime inform us about you want to receive
updates or not.

Security Assurance:

At Aarsh InfoTech, we have applied high standards of security according to I.T.ACT, 2000 AND RULES OF I.T.ACT, 2000. Highly accepted security standers are used to prevent data loss, misuse
of data and destruction of the data. Only authorized employees at our site can access personal details of our clients, and we apply a superior technique to prevent data loss.

Amendments to these Policies:

All rights are reserved. Unauthorized uses of content are restricted, and we can change the privacy policy to improve our services.